About Us

Life is demanding, fast paced and can be stressful at times. Feelz was created to brighten your mood and improve your day, as well as hydrate your body and taste like the nectar of the gods. Whether sipping our bubbly can of chill on a good day or bad day we promise it's like a hug from your mom...which we all like on any day.

Our deliciously refreshing CBD seltzer is also packed with electrolytes, B-Vitamins, antioxidants and adaptogens to help replenish the body and soul.

Feelz Sparkling CBD Water is here to help lift your spirits and restore some balance and harmony during those stressful days or simply when you just want to relax and unwind.



VERB adjective

Def: A word used to describe something associated with having good vibes. Getting “all the feelz” is when you are overcome by a feeling that is too special to explain ..it gets you right in the feels.